Inside the hotel, Sweet Restaurant and Bar offer many choices of Western and Asian food. With our experienced Chef expertise in Western and Asian cuisines and more than 50 foods on our menus, you will not doubt your food choice.

Our Bar

With more than 30 drinks on our menus, we create our signatory cocktail (Kampot Sweet Cocktail) with unique recipes. For wine, we import directly from France and Italy to ensure taste and quality are reliable.    

Local food

Cambodian food is a unique blend of Asian cuisines like Chinese and Thai, with a strong French influence tied together with Cambodian ingredients. Kampot is a riverside town where locals like using their access to the large array of seafood on the menus or chicken and vegetarian dishes. At Kampot Sweet Boutique you can sample locally-grown, fresh, and delicious ingredients that include creamy curries, spicy noodles, hearty meats, and crisp vegetables.


A fantastic salt water swimming pool size of 17m * 6m or 102 sqm, the pool is designed and built with multi-function including relaxing, swimming, sitting, and laying concepts, whether you are alone, with a couple, with a friend, or with kids, the pool is suitable for any circumstances. 

Why salt water? A saltwater pool is a swimming pool that uses a saltwater chlorine generator to convert bulk salt into chlorine. The converted chlorine performs the same functions as conventional pool chlorine: killing bacteria and algae, as well as oxidizing dirt and chloramines. 

Saltwater pools are gentler on the eyes and skin, and no doubt the swimmer doesn't need to care about their skin, eyes, or teeth.